Review | L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray

Hey readers and bloggers! I have another review for you and this time, it’s not from the Shea Moisture line. You heard me; I switched things up a bit and went for another line to try. This is the L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray!


This product was VERY HARD to find, but I successfully found it in Ulta Beauty for about $6.99. It can also be found in select Publix stores for about the same price.

Since I’m addicted to coloring my hair the colors of the rainbow in dark shades (it’s like a candy addiction, I know. . .), I wanted my hair color to last longer and not evaporate away under the sun. So I found this product to use everyday before I go out and for nearly $7, I hoped for a sweet deal.

This product contains two separate liquids that need to be shaken together to make the product ready to use. Shake that bottle before using, people!

Anyway, let’s get to the review, shall we?

For a spray claiming to make your hair color last longer, I can definitely approve and back up its claim. This spray allowed me to retain my hair color for up to nearly two weeks whereas before, my hair color would fade within a week. The color would fade even more if there were clear, intensely sunny skies (curse you Florida weather!!!), so this spray came in handy.

For proof, here’s a photo of when I freshly colored my hair a vibrant red. . .

Manic Panic Vampire Red

And here’s the result after one week of me using the L’Oreal spray. . .

Manic Panic Vampire Red 1 Week Later

This spray also made my hair very soft and that’s a keeper! This is one product I will be keeping in stock in my product stash when it comes to color protection. For the “dye hard” fanatics, this is the product for you! Give it a try!

Video Review:


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