Review | Shea Moisture African Black Soap Face & Body Bar

Hello! It’s the Christmas break and while it may be the season for shopping for presents and giving, there have also been some tough days for me. Nevertheless, I have another review from (you guessed it. . .) the Shea Moisture brand!

This is the African Black Soap Face & Body Bar! It can be found at select Target stores for $4.54. It may be less if you catch it on sale.


This bar is VERY similar to the bigger 8oz bar of African Black Soap. The ingredient lists for both seem the same too. But for now, I will review only the Face & Body Bar.

This bar is really good! The best thing about this bar, or for most of the Shea Moisture soap bars, is that it’s multitasking! It can be used for 3 to 4 things at once. Here are the things I use this soap for:

Body Soap – I use this to wash my petite body, especially the areas that tend to harbor the most smell (Yeah, I’m talking to you, armpits and private areas!). It does a pretty good job cleansing my skin and it even controls my body odor really well too!

Facial Soap – This soap does WONDERS for my face. I have combination to oily skin and this soap keeps it under control! I lather up my face with the soap, rinse and my face doesn’t feel tight or dry. The oil, dirt and grime are gone and I’m just left with smooth, even-toned skin. This is wonderful since I prefer to bear my face out without makeup most of the time.

Aftershave Treatment – This is where the bar truly shines for me. I frequently shave my bikini area down south, so many razor bumps and ingrown hairs appear and irritate the area *cue disgusted look*. But with several lathers of this, the razor bumps and ingrown hairs are GONE! Redness soothed, irritation gone, the works! I couldn’t ask for a better bar than this for this specific problem!

Skin Condition Medicine – Did I forget to mention that since this bar is mostly African black soap, it is an AWESOME medicine for skin problems? For example, my beloved dog developed a rash on his underbelly and private area. Not wanting to feed him prescription pills from his vet, I washed his infected area with this soap. Within a day, the rash NEARLY DISAPPEARED. I mean, nearly gone, like it never even showed up in the first place. Plus, the soap did not irritate my dog at all!

It also works great as a shampoo bar and on my ringworm area too! How awesome is that?

This bar is amazing and I usually purchase two at a time so I don’t want to run out. Who wants to run out of this wonderful stuff anyway?! Grab a bar from your nearest Target; it might work for you too!

Video Review:


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