Review | LUSH Tea Tree Water Toner Water

Hello, readers and bloggers! I’m back and I’m currently in Lazy Day mode with the Science channel running on my TV. Don’t you just have one of those days where you can lounge in your home, walk around in your underwear and watch your favorite channels or do activities without the interruption of a phone call or another person? *cue dreamy, Luna Lovegood gaze*

Ahem, getting back to reality. . . I have another product review for you. It’s not on a product from Shea Moisture (I hear you people groaning in the back!), but on one from LUSH!

This product is the Tea Tree Water Toner Water. The 3.3 oz one is $9.95 while the 8.4 oz is $21.95. I purchased the 8.4 oz one to try.


I have oily to combination skin and when it gets near that time of the month (the ladies know what I’m referring to. . .), the breakouts can be bad. It’s somewhat worse when you have skin the color of coffee after adding a bit of cream to it because acne/blemish scars become more noticable.

So I grabbed this to help control the oil on my T-Zone and to possibly treat any blemishes that start forming. Oh, and also to keep my facial skin balanced overall.

I’m happy to say that this product is awesome! I apply this to my face with two cotton balls, one for my face and one for my neck. It’s very soothing and effective in treating bumps on my face and neck.

It also controls the oil on my face and T-Zone VERY WELL. The result is a smooth, matted face that is great for my oil-free moisturizer application. It’s EXACTLY what I wanted for my face.

Considering that this stuff only has six ingredients and the first one is tea tree water, you can rest assured that this stuff was meant to do its job.

I’m proud to say that this is a first favorite from the LUSH company and I will continue purchasing this for my facial regimen. Try it if you have skin similar to mine or if you suffer from acne; this is wonderful for you face!

Until next time, everyone! Now excuse me as I get back to my Mythbusters marathon on TV. *cue squeal of excitement*

YouTube review:


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