Review | Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner

Hello again, bloggers and readers! It’s the start of Spring Break and that means relaxation, rest, sunshine and adventure are in my schedule!

But then again, so are two photo projects and the stress of the rest of my family members as well due to my mother losing her job. *cue sighs and groans of frustration*

But I’m not here to talk about that now. I’m here to share another product review with you! As usual (don’t you complain again. . .), this product is from the Shea Moisture brand, my favorite brand of products of course!

This is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner! It’s available at select Target stores for about $10.99 plus tax and can be also found at select Walgreens stores, but sadly I don’t know the price there.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Thumbnail

This is the first product from the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line that I’ve tried. I haven’t tried the rest, but the line is geared towards chemically treated, colored hair or pretty much any processing you do to your hair.

I color and bleach my hair frequently, so I picked this product up specifically for repair and moisture. I also bought it due to the tremendous amount of positive reviews from others about the product.

After several uses, I can safely say that this leave in conditioner did its job, but differently for my hair than others. For starters, it has keratin and other proteins in it. Due to this, I’d say that this is mostly a great protein leave in for your hair.

A small dollop of this leaves my hair stronger and less likely to snap and break. I can definitely confirm this every time I style my hair because not much hair is lost when I work with it.

In terms of moisture, this stuff doesn’t really moisturize my hair that much. It strengthens, but my hair doesn’t really come out super soft like a cotton ball (I wish my hair was like a soft, cotton ball. . .) when I air dry my hair after applying the product. I wish it would soften my hair, but everyone’s hair is different.

As a result, I now reserve this product only for my light protein regimen which usually consists of shampoo for a deep clean. You can see my regimen on YouTube here on this link:

So if you want a great leave in conditioner that makes you hair stronger due to the amout of processing you do to your hair, look no further than this product! Your hair may love it!

Until next time! Happy Spring Break!

YouTube Review:


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