Review | LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Hello readers! It’s April and it’s getting near the end of my Spring semester. That means I’m dealing with large projects, photo supplies, deadlines and applying for a class over the first summer term before all the slots are taken.

As you can probably guess, it’s a hassle and a pain to deal with. Oh, college life. . .

Anyway, despite all of that, I have a product review for you! This is another product from the famous LUSH line. I’m slowly getting addicted to LUSH, so as a heads-up, I might be reviewing a few products from this line.

This product here is Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner and it’s available on the LUSH website or in a nearby LUSH store for about $32.95 plus tax.


Now when I first discovered this product, I had NO idea on what body conditioners/in-shower body lotions were. I always had the routine of showering, drying off and then starting the tedious routine of applying lotion to my body. It also didn’t help that the dorm I stayed in had hard water, not soft water.

So, while browsing the LUSH website, I found this product and saw the overwhelming positive reviews about it. I decided to test this product out in the store and eventually purchased it to use for myself.

My opinion on this can only be summarized in four words: I ADORE THIS PRODUCT!!!! For my first time using an in-shower body lotion, this stuff gets the job done and then some!

For starters, the smell is DIVINE! It’s a sweet, sensual scent that’s NOTHING like the chemical, floral scents you would find in a store. I would love to create a scent similar to this and make it a perfume oil. Even my mother commented that I smelled delicious, so that’s a stamp of approval right there!

On terms of moisturizing my skin, this is a HUGE helper when I’m showering. Since I bathe in hard water, if I use a soap bar to wash my skin, a film is always left behind, even in warm water. Even body washes don’t get to fully care for my skin because of the water.


This stuff has not only eliminated the need to apply lotion on my rough skin after a shower (a bonus since I like to get ready quickly for my day and not waste time), but it’s good enough to keep me moisturized THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Not once do I need to apply some lotion to certain areas on my body as the day goes by.

A little goes a long way with this stuff; you don’t need a lot to gently smooth onto your wet skin. I only have two pieces of advice if you’re interested in this product.

1. When you rinse it off, rinse it off your body with LUKEWARM water. Try not to rinse it off with scalding hot water or icy cold water. Cold water may not be as effective of getting it off your skin entirely and may leave your skin feeling greasy. Hot water will rinse off the film left behind to moisturize your skin, thereby preventing the product from doing it’s job. Speaking of film left behind. . .

2. This product WILL leave a film on your skin when you rinse it off. That’s what it’s supposed to do, so don’t panic. After you pat yourself dry with a towel, the film will sink rapidly into your skin and will leave you moisturized all day. So gently pay your skin dry, leave that lotion bottle and let this stuff do its job!

I don’t want to talk anymore about this product; you just need to try it for yourself! It’s wonderful and has completely replaced my lotion in my body routine! Try it; you won’t be disappointed (unless you use it wrong)!

Until next time, readers!

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