Review | Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Body Wash

Hello guys! It’s one week away from the start of my two classes over the first Summer Term and I’m already trying to get as much rest as I can. You know, before all the photo projects, assignments, quizzes (who does quizzes in a photo class?!), and other stuff that usually comes with a college class.

It’s not something I’m looking forward to, but I want to hurry up and graduate early and well, here’s where I’m at. College life. . .

Anyway, I have a product review for you and yes, it’s from Shea Moisture! It’s going to be on another one of their bath/body products though.

This is the Raw Shea Butter Body Wash and it’s available at Target for $8.99 and at Ulta Beauty for about $9.99.


I picked this up a long time ago because I’ve never tried it before and I got tired of bathing in hard water with soap bars (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE soap bars!). Plus, the reviews for this body wash have been very good, so that was a bonus.

Well, I’ve used it several times and I can confirm: this body wash does its job wonderfully! It has a load of shea butter in it, so that should tell you right then and there that this stuff will do some serious moisturizing for your skin.

Speaking of that, this stuff really quenched my dry body skin and even in hard water, this stuff left NO film on my skin. It didn’t make my skin super smooth, but I didn’t have to use a lot of lotion on my skin afterwards. Just remember to shower in warm water, not scalding hot water!

As for cleaning, this stuff foams well, with or without a shower pouf. It gets me fairly clean with no body odor left afterwards when I step out from the shower.

I’d say this is a great product for the cooler temperatures and a definite buy for the winter season! Or if you just suffer from naturally dry body skin and need tons of moisture, then this is the product for your needs!

It is also labeled as multi-purpose too, so you can use it for your face and your hair if you wish. Just make sure your face and hair tolerate this product though.

Until next time, readers and bloggers!

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