Review | Shea Moisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Toner

Hello again, readers! A lot of stuff has happened, from me getting a potential person to start an internship with to the news reports bursting with news about same-sex marriage being legal in all 50 states of the U.S.

It’s quite a lot and sadly, I don’t have much energy to list them to you because I’m trying to focus on other things (like saving some money for moving away. . .).

Regardless, I have another product review for you! It’s from Shea Moisture, the African Black Soap line, blah blah blah. . .you guys already get the drill, right?

This is the Problem Skin Toner and it can be found at both Target and Ulta Beauty for around $9.99 plus tax.

Review Problem Skin Toner Thumbnail

I haven’t really used a toner for my skin lately and was looking for a good toner to possibly add to my skin regimen. This toner was purchased at the same time that the matching facial mask was purchased since it was part of the BOGO 50% going on at Ulta Beauty.

I used this a couple of times on my face to see how well it worked and to have an honest review to give you. I mean, I can’t just use this once and claim that I can accurately review this, right?

Well, I can tell you that this toner is pretty decent. It did pretty well in refreshing my skin and it went on smoothly. I tend to unscrew the spray piece and pour some onto the cotton ball for application instead of spraying it directly onto the cotton ball.

But in terms of refining my skin, controlling the oil and erasing blemishes on my skin, this toner didn’t really impress me that much. Sure it got rid of the excess oil on my T-Zone, but my face didn’t really experience that deep clean that you may get with other toners.

To further explain, before I used this, I would steal (you heard me right, I stole) some of my mother’s Murad Acne Toner and use that. I would usually see the dirt on the cotton ball after wiping my face afterwards. I didn’t get that with the Problem Skin Toner.

As for blemishes, they eventually dried up, but that was a combination of my face soap and moisturizer. With the toner applied directly, nothing much was happening in terms of drying up the blemishes.

Overall, I’ll use the rest of it to not waste money, but my hunt for the right toner continues. This product was average and I’ll probably not purchase this again. Although I did hear about witch hazel being a great toner for oily skin. . .

Until next time, readers!

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