Review | Shea Moisture African Black Soap Body Wash

Hello readers! It’s been an uneventful week for me since I haven’t found much to do lately. Most of my days have been “Lazy Days” consisting of me lounging around the house, flipping through TV channels and binge-watching YouTube videos.

Sounds like fun, right?

Anyway, I remembered that I have a lot of writing (translation: typing a few documents on my laptop) to do today and giving you another review on a Shea Moisture product is one of them.

This is the African Black Soap Body Wash and it can be found at Target, Ulta and even Walgreens for about $8.99 to $9.99 plus tax.


I picked up this body wash because of a certain problem I was having with my skin. At the time, it seemed like either a certain product or the temperature of the water I showered in would make my body, particularly my legs, break out in these tiny red bumps.

Considering that my legs are the first to have a reaction if a certain product does not work for my dry skin, this put me on high alert.

Then I read reviews about this body wash and I figured I’d try it since nothing else had really helped (reducing the temperature of the water and discontinuing the product).

I’m happy to say that this body wash is AWESOME! I can honestly see why people rave about this stuff. For starters, it gets me nice and clean without stripping my skin or leaving it dry. This body wash is made with natural ingredients, so you can count on this stuff not harming your skin.

Plus, it leaves you with a fresh smelling scent. I always come out of the shower smelling fresh and clean, not like a nauseating chemical perfume like the drugstore body washes.

But what really makes this body wash shine is the fact that it soothed my skin! Within two to three washes with this stuff, the red bumps on my legs and back disappeared! African black soap is the key ingredient here, but this stuff also contains aloe vera juice and ground oats for anyone with sensitive skin.

I also forgot to mention: this body wash is multi-purpose. Meaning that if you wanted to, you can wash your face and hair with it. I’ve washed my face with it and it does a great job on my oily facial skin!

I absolutely love this body wash and will gladly purchase it again to try in the future! For anyone who has sensitive skin, dry skin or even body acne, this might be the body wash for you!

Until next time, readers! Now excuse me as I get back to writing about other things. . .

YouTube Review:


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