Review | LUSH It’s Raining Men Shower Gel

Hello again! It’s been quiet, rainy and uneventful these past few days since Fall started. I’ve been just stocking up on inventory for one of my Etsy shops, gathering supplies needed for my two classes and worrying about what I’m going to do for my semester project.

Plus, I’m changing my wardrobe a bit to include sweaters for the Fall and Winter seasons and some new sandals, a pair of boots and a pair of Converse sneakers. Only if I can find a store that actually sells my shoe size and plain designs for the shoes. . .

Regardless of what I’m doing, I have a product review for you. This is going to be on another product from the LUSH brand!

This is the It’s Raining Men shower gel and it can be found on the LUSH website and at LUSH stores near your location. It comes in three sizes: the 3.3oz is $9.95, the 8.4 oz is $19.95 and the 16.9oz is $30.95. I purchased the 8.4oz size.

LUSH It's Raining Men Shower Gel Thumbnail

I purchased this body wash a long time ago, probably near the beginning to the middle of this year. I saw the honey in it and figured it would be a moisturizing body wash for my dry body skin (despite the price being so ridiculous for a small bottle). Plus, based on the reviews I read on the website, it seemed great for hair care too.

But being the product junkie I am, I still had other products to finish before I could get to this. So this body wash sat in my cabinet until I got to it recently.

To put it simply, it’s a decent body wash. I say this because it gets me clean in areas I tend to sweat a lot on and the bubbly lather gets rid of dirt, grime and daily messes on my body.

But in terms of moisturizing, it didn’t do that at all for my dry skin. I was kind of disappointed in that fact alone since this product has honey in it and it was toted to be extremely moisturizing. I didn’t get that for my skin and I thought it had something to do with the sulfate in it (yes, LUSH uses sulfates in some of its products, so be careful).

Hence, it’s why I haven’t used it on my kinky hair for shampooing (especially after the disaster that came after using Blousey. . .). As for the smell, I can’t really describe it, but I don’t like it as much. Maybe I wanted it to be sweet smelling, but it didn’t seem like that at all.

All in all I don’t have much to say about this product because it was pretty average in my opinion. I ‘ll finish what I have left, but I won’t be purchasing this again. I’ll probably stick with Shea Moisture’s body washes since they are affordable and they work great!

That’s my review for the product. Until next post, readers!

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