Review | Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash

Hello everyone! I’m working now, so the last week and a half has been crazy and hectic. It’s a simple retail job, nothing more exciting than that. Except that sometimes I have to watch other co-workers get harassed by rude, nasty customers while I organize clothing, wishing that maybe I should say something, anything to placate things and…

Okay, I’m rambling already so let’s get back on topic here. I’m here with another review on a product from a line I haven’t heard much about: Eden BodyWorks! It has products similar to As I Am, so I thought I try one product from this line.

This is the Coconut Shea Cleasning CoWash from the Coconut Shea line and it can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $8.49.


I picked up this cleansing conditioner after discovering that the Sally’s near me ran out of As I Am Coconut CoWash (Imagine the frustration at me missing the last jar…). After fuming quietly for a minute or two, I decided that it was time for a slight change and turned to this product to try.

Well, after several uses of this stuff, I can tell you that it will be VERY difficult for me to go back to the As I Am Coconut CoWash! This cleansing conditioner is wonderful and I love how easy it is to use on my kinky, bleached and colored hair!

For starters, it’s easy to spread through and with a little water added, it creates a nice foam that makes me feel like I’m using a very gentle cleanser on my scalp and hair. It does not strip my hair or make it feel like it has left a slight film on my hair (a small problem I had with the As I Am Coconut CoWash). Once I rinse it out I’m just left with clean hair and a clean scalp ready for the next step of my wash day.

On the moisture factor, it doesn’t quench my hair’s thirst completely and I think it’s due to the Hydrolyzed Keratin in it. So cleansing with just this wouldn’t do much for me and that is why I usually use a regular conditioner or deep conditioner after cleansing my hair with this.

I would say it’s great for people with damaged, fried hair who want to cleanse their hair gently without the typical stripping a regular shampoo (or even some sulfate-free shampoos too; it’s happened to me) would do. But if you have kinky hair like me and co-washing hair is part of your hair care regimen, this product may be good for you to try.

That’s all I have for now. Time for me to rest up before another shift at the retail store I’m working at!

Until next time readers!


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