Review | Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Body Lotion

Hello, everyone! Christmas is on Friday and I can’t wait to watch my favorite Christmas movie, cook a large meal and relax until Spring semester next year! I just wish I had a Christmas sweater to wear for the holiday…

Despite the Christmas spirit, I have a review for you on another Shea Moisture! There’s a reason why Shea Moisture is my favorite brand…

This is the Superfruit Complex Body Lotion and it can be found at Target, Sally’s Beauty Supply and Ulta Beauty for $8.99 to $9.99 (a little less if you have Ulta Rewards points or a Sally Beauty Card).


As usual, I won’t waste a lot of time explaining why I purchased this. I ran out of lotion to use and I wanted to try this lotion out. It’s the first product from the Superfruit Complex line I’ve tried so far.

I’m down to a third of the bottle and I really like this lotion! It’s thick, creamy and spreads easily on my skin. The moisture factor is pretty good, but it’s better if I’m out of a shower and after blotting my skin dry, I smooth the lotion on. As usual, I recommend applying after showering or bathing to get the best results from this lotion.

The fragrance is something that doesn’t really appeal to me. From the bottle and even when it’s in my hands, the slight floral smell hits me first. But then, it quickly fades away into a smell that I can’t really describe. Once the lotion is applied, the smell doesn’t last long though, so that’s something to be concerned about if you value the fragrance.

On the issue of contouring, firming and smoothing, I can’t really speak on it due to me still being young. The claims of this lotion make it geared towards people of older age who may have skin that sags, has age spots or there are wrinkles present on the aging skin.

All in all, I might not try it again due to it being touted for anti-aging, but who knows? If you’re an older person and have used this, I would love to hear how it worked for you!


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