Review | Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

Hello and happy Winter! It’s freezing down here in Florida and I’m trying to stay warm while bundled up in two jackets, a scarf and a pair of gloves. I just wish I had some milk so I can make a warm mug of hot chocolate to curl up in a blanket with…

Besides braving the frigid weather, I have a review for you. This time, it’s on a product from a company called Tree Hut!

This here is the Shea Sugar Scrub. It’s in the Brazilian Nut scent, but the scrub comes in different scenes and can be found at Publix and Ulta Beauty for around $7.49. It can also be found in select Walmart stores for around $5.29.


I’ve been wanting a body scrub for my body for a while and this product came to my mind. Plus, I suffer from skin peeling and flaking underneath my arms occasionally (I know, disgusting right?) so this seemed perfect for my underarm area.

I’m happy to say that this body scrub works very well! It’s gentle, but effective in removing traces of dirt and dry skin from my body. It’s even better for my underarms since the scrub is not so harsh. Plus, it contains moisturizing oils and shea butter in it, so my skin hardly ever feels dried out.


Since I first used it when I bought it, my underarms have looked more smooth, lighter and clear due to the dead skin being exfoliated off. I would post before-and-after photos of my underarm areas, but I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s appetite or gross people out. Sorry…

I’m using the Brazilian Nut scent, but I’m looking into trying the other scents later in the future. The scrub itself seems great for dry skin and if you want to remove dead skin from your body, so I recommend this to anyone!

Until next time! Stay warm!


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