Review | Softee Indian Hemp Hair & Scalp Treatment

It’s a cold afternoon and the time of the 50th Super Bowl! I’m extremely pumped and before I celebrate by watching the two football teams battle it out, deciding which commercials excite me and what the Halftime Show will be like, I wanted to give another product review to you.

It’s going to be on a brand I discovered from watching videos on a YouTube channel I follow. This particular brand is called Softee!

The product I’m reviewing from this line is the Indian Hemp Hair & Scalp Treatment! It can be found at select dollar stores for only $1! How great is that?!



The story behind this can be traced back to the channel of OffBeatLook! I’ll leave the information to her channel below, but her hair routine got me interested in trying out the product for myself. After alI, I’m always eager to try out new products (considering that I’m a product junkie)!

So I went to the nearest dollar store, which happened to be Dollar Tree, and picked up a small jar to use in my hair regimen.

After a couple of uses, there’s not much I want to say about this product. It’s pretty good as a leave in on the rest of my hair and that’s a stretch since I saw that the first ingredient was Petroletum.



But I used it after washing and conditioning my hair for sealing in excess water left in my hair. It sinks in quickly and it is easy to work through the hair. As for the claim to strengthen and induce growth, I can’t speak on both since I didn’t see much of a difference when I used it.

However, I would not recommend applying it to your scalp. My scalp DOES NOT tolerate any product with petroleum in it and when I tried to add this product to my scalp, my head became itchy and irritated until my next wash day. I do not enjoy scratching my head, so this product could not be applied to my scalp anymore.

A little goes a long way and I will use what’s left of it, but I don’t know if I’ll purchase it again. That’s all I can say about this product for now. Try it out; it may work for you!

Until next time! Enjoy the Super Bowl!

OffBeatLook channel:


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