Review | Shea Moisture 100% Pure Shea Oil

Hey guys! With all of the things that’s been happening to me in this semester so far, I managed to find enough time to give another product review to you! Yes, it’s from Shea Moisture again and I don’t regret it (just kidding; I love this brand and most of my products come from it).

This is the 100% Pure Shea Oil and it seems to be a new product recently. It is one of the four new 100% oils from Shea Moisture and it can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $8.99.


I picked up this oil because I recognized this oil being an ingredient in my favorite lotion from Shea Moisture: the Argan Oil & Raw Shea Lotion. I figured I would try this oil out and see how well it would work for my kinky mane in combating dryness.

This oil does the job and then some! It notes on the amber bottle that it can be used for your skin and hair and can be mixed with other products for added benefits. For my hair, this oil leaves it moisturized and healthy! It does take a minute to work into the strands though because it’s a little thick and I find that adding it to my conditioners, leave in conditioners and hair moisturizer makes this oil easy to use.

But for my skin, it’s a different issue altogether. This oil is too greasy to be used on my face and body. Even after I rub it into my skin, there’s a slight layer of oil left behind and I don’t like having greasy skin. Plus, I have oily facial skin, so I’m very careful about what I put on my face. This oil just didn’t do the trick in being a facial moisturizer or a body oil. So that was kind disappointing for me.

All in all, this oil is awesome and I’ll definitely keep it in stock next to my favorite hair products! If you haven’t tried this oil, I highly recommend it to you and anyone with dry hair and skin!

As always, until next time!


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