Review | Pure Oils by Silk Elements Moisturizing Marmalade

It’s near the time for Easter and I’m ready to deliver another review to you before I celebrate! I’m sure most of you are familiar with Silk Elements, a company with products designed for coloring and caring for hair. This time, the brand decided to release a new line that caters to people who wear their hair natural and prefer none of the harmful chemicals that hurt hair than heal it.

The name of this new line? Pure Oils by Silk Elements!

Is the product I’m reviewing from this special hair care line? You bet your sweet hair brush it is!

This here is the Moisturizing Marmalade from Pure Oils by Silk Elements! It can only be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply and it costs around $8.99. As usual, it’s a little less if you have a Sally Beauty Card.

Moisturizing Marmalade

I actually received a sample packet of this styling gel when I went in to purchase the Megasilk Permanent Hair Color way earlier. After trying out the packet, I brought the full size to continue using it to style my afro.

Simply put, this product is awesome! It has almost the consistency and color of the As I Am Curling Jelly and the fragrance is strong like a chemical perfume. A little goes a long way with this product and I found that I only need a dime sized amount for each section of my afro. It’s also sticky but spreads very easily so working this in will not be a problem.

Moisturizing Marmalade Consistency

I was shocked at how well it kept my coils and kinks defined WITHOUT the stiff, crunchy dryness I would get with another gel I used before (if you haven’t noticed, I already mentioned the name of the other gel I used). I recommend coating your hair with a moisturizing product before applying this gel because it has glycerin in it and if your hair doesn’t like glycerin, you might not like it unless your hair is moisturized. You also don’t have to use it everyday if you don’t want to.

This styling gel is something that will be in my stash of hair products for a while. I really like it for days when I want my afro to be defined. So this is one I do recommend to you and others for styling.

Have you tried this or the other products in the Pure Oils by Silk Elements line? Let me know what you think! See you you in the next post!


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