Review | Aveeno Positively Nourishing Whipped Souffle

So Summer A Term is almost over and Florida is already warming up with scorching hot temperatures everywhere. Plus, a tropical storm just rolled through Florida, but that didn’t seem to stop the hot weather from returning. Time to make plans to head to the beach and to the community pool for some cooling off and relaxation!

But before I do that, I’ll give you another product review. This time it will be from Aveeno, a brand that I really don’t pay attention to and have never tried before. . .until now!

This is the Positively Nourishing Whipped Souffle and it can be found at Wal-Mart, possibly Target and other places for a price range of $5.94 – $6.99.


I didn’t have much money on me and I wanted to find a cheaper solution to the usual Shea Moisture lotion that I love using on my skin. This jar of body cream fit the bill and I decided to purchase it since I ran out of lotion to use anyway.

Simply put, this body cream is a good product! It’s very creamy, like lightweight cake frosting and it glides onto my skin very easily. It also doesn’t take much effort to work into my skin since it sinks in quickly with no sticky feeling (I’m starting to sound like a commercial here). It’s very easy to use more than what’s needed, so be sure about how much you use for each area of your body because you can easily be heavy handed with this cream.


The moisture retention is pretty good too! Since this stuff doesn’t have any petroleum or mineral oil in it, you can be sure that it will keep your skin hydrated! My dry body skin managed to remain hydrated all day until the next morning or until my next shower. That’s saying something about this stuff considering that I was looking for a cheaper alternative.

I recommend this to people who use moderately priced to super expensive lotions or creams and want a cheaper alternative when low on money. This stuff may also be good for sensitive skin since it does have shea butter, cocoa butter and oat kernel flour in it. Give it a try; you might like it!


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