DIY | Nourishing Face Serum

​Between all of the products I’ve been trying, I’ve been on the hunt for a really good face moisturizer for my oily skin. But with all that’s been done, I still have yet to find the best moisturizer to control my oil on my worst days.

Then I remembered that I had my stash of ingredients and oils in my cabinet that I use to make my own beauty products and DIY recipes. After which, a mere question popped into my mind:

Why don’t I experiment and make my own facial moisturizer for my skin?

Since then, I have been using my own homemade face serum for months and it has been a great decision for my face! Best of all, it only requires three ingredients!

So let’s stop the chatter and get to the recipe!


– Jojoba Oil

– Apricot Kernel Oil

– Jamaican Black Castor Oil

These are the oils I use, but you are free to determine which combination of oils work the best for your skin.

First, find a small clean bottle, preferably one with either a dropper or a pump.

Fill up 1/2 of the bottle with jojoba oil and then add the apricot kernel oil.

Top off the mix with some drops of JBCO, invert the bottle a few times to mix the oils together and you’re done!

After washing my face, I usually massage about 3-4 drops of this serum into sections of my face and neck. Sometimes, I use this after a toner. I recommend allowing the serum to soak in for a few minutes.

Everyone’s skin is unique, so feel free to adjust this recipe with different oils and essential oils suited for your skin! Have you tried making your own face moisturizer? Let me know below!


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