Review | Dr. Bronner’s Castile Bar Soaps

​My classes have started and I’m going to be tackling a heavy workload combined with me working at my part-time job. As you might have guessed, I’m going to be pretty busy, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop delivering posts to all of you! I still want to try out so many products and review my favorites! 

I mean, I made a list of the products I want to try for crying out loud…

This review will be on a group of products from a brand that is very popular among vegans, vegetarians and lovers of the earth!

What is that brand? The one and only Dr. Bronner’s!

These are the Castile Bar Soaps and they can be found at Target, select Publix stores, the Vitamin Shoppe and even GNC! Just like the liquid version, these come in 8 scents, but not every scent is available at every store. The prices also vary depending on the store they’re at.

I like having a product that is not only multi-purpose, but good for you too! These soap bars fill the bill and I’ve been using them. So far, I’ve only tried the Rose and Peppermint, but I’m looking to try two more from the lineup.

I can say for a fact that I love these soap bars! They lather very well in hard water and smell wonderful too! They can be used all over your body, but I like to wash my face, my body and even shave with it. I haven’t use them for my hair though, so I can’t really speak on that issue.

Whether it be me showering in somewhat hot or warm water, these bars leave my body and face feeling clean and fresh! However, if you do have hard water, a slight film might be left behind on your skin, but I can handle that.

If you’re in a pinch with money, are traveling light or just want a natural product for an affordable price, these are the soaps to try! Give these a shot; you may replace your current soap with one of these for future use!


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