Review | Shea Moisture JBCO Treatment Masque  

Hello again! Unfortunately, I had a bad case of the Mondays and severely scraped my knees on the sidewalk when I fell. It has been a very painful recovery and I’m surprised that I was able to stand, limp over to my tablet and turn it on so I could type this to you.

Before you wish me a steady recovery (which is very nice of you if you do that!), check out this review on a Shea Moisture that I tried recently!

This is the Jamaican  Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow and Restore Treatment Masque (that’s a long name for a product…) and it can be found at Target, Ulta Beauty and Sally Beauty for $11.99 – $12.99.

Someone on YouTube recommended this to me a long time ago and I finally got my hands on it recently to try it. Since I color and bleach my hair occasionally, I figured that this would be a great treatment for strengthening my afro.

I’ve used it a few times and I think this masque is pretty good! Depending on the consistency, it can be like creamy cake frosting or lumpy pancake batter and mine was the latter. The smell is the sugary play – doh that I recognize from the other products in the line.

It was easy to spread on my hair and there were slight detangling properties present in this masque too. After processing, my hair feels stronger and there’s less shedding, so that’s a plus in my book!

But the moisture sometimes isn’t up to par. To combat this, I usually add a light layer of unrefined coconut oil on top before processing the mixture. This has been very helpful since my hair now comes out soft afterwards.

This is a great mask to make my hair stronger and I can definitely see myself using this again in the future! I also heard that it now comes in a tube, so that’s a bonus! Give this a try; your hair might like it!


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