Review | Softee Herbal Gro Hair Treatment

Hello again, everyone! So I’m back from working on a photo project needed for one of my classes and from my part-time job. As always, it’s been hectic, but I try to find the time to write to you guys again because. . .well, I love blogging and I love talking to my fans (all of you of course!)!

So here I am with another product review for you and it will be back on a brand that I haven’t been using for a while: the Softee brand!

This little jar here is the Softee Herbal Gro and it can be found at select dollar stores (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc.) for $1. It may also be found at select Wal-Mart stores in a larger jar for a little more.


I picked this up from the Dollar Tree store because I ran out of the Indian Hemp one. Plus, I’ve been looking at this formula for a while and I put it off on my “Product Junkie” list to try soon.

I used this as a leave-in conditioner on every other wash day and this product is decent for my afro. For starters, the texture is much thicker than the Indian Hemp one and I found that a little goes a long way with this stuff. The fragrance is pretty much the same; all I smell is the subtle fragrance that reminds me of the JAM hair gel used to slick down my edges when I had relaxed hair.


Due to its thickness, the treatment takes a minute to spread through my hair, but it still sinks in pretty quickly. I recommend applying it onto damp or wet hair to seal in the moisture. As for my scalp, it can be used on my edges, but my center crown still itches like crazy when this stuff is applied to it. So I tend to only apply this treatment to my edges and the rest of my hair.


All in all, it’s a good treatment if your hair and scalp can tolerate petrolatum. I’ll finish up this tiny jar, but I might head back to the Indian Hemp one because it has a lighter consistency.

Until next time and next review, readers! Gotta get back to work now. . .


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