Shea Moisture for Silky, Straight Hair?

Hello again! So I happened to be browsing through Target at Fleming Island, as I usually do. As I passed by the beauty section, I noticed that there was something within the bundle of Shea Moisture products that I’ve never seen before.

It turns out that this is a new line that’s been released recently. It’s the Argan Oil & Almond Milk line and it was made for straightening frizzy, wavy or fine hair! It also contains marshmallow root and cherimoya, an ingredient I’ve never heard of.

I’ll probably skip this line since I have no desire to straighten my afro. But you might be interested if you like to wear straight styles!


Here’s what the products look like so far! Unfortunately, I don’t know how many products are in this line.


3 thoughts on “Shea Moisture for Silky, Straight Hair?

    1. Shea Moisture is a bit pricey. But I think it’s affordable in comparison to something else like Camille Rose Naturals. I want to try that brand and I can’t even afford their Curlaide Moisture Butter…

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      1. Right…..Camille Rose is also considered as a high end natural hair care brand. Their products seem so good though …unfortunately it’s not available here in the many brands. So I have to order it online, as soon as my wallet has made up her mind. Hihihi😄😊


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