Review | Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser

Hello! I hope everyone’s okay after the whole fiasco with Hurricane Matthew. Fall’s really kicking in with cooler mornings and clear skies and I’m enjoying every minute of it! It might even be time for me to throw on one of my four sweaters and make some hot chocolate…

Anyway, if you feel like your morning’s a bit dull, here’s another review to help brighten your day! This will be on Clean & Clear, a brand dedicated to face care and one I’ve never tried before until now!

This is the Morning Burst Facial Cleanser and it can be found at several stores (possibly Publix, Walmart, possibly Target, Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, etc.) for a price range of $4.74 – $6.79.


I ended up buying this from my campus bookstore for around $9 (please don’t do this; it’s an absolute ripoff at some of the prices of things at your campus bookstore) because I wanted to take a break from using soap bars to wash my oily face. Plus, people were raving about this cleanser, so I figured why not?

I’ve used this several times and can say that this is a decent cleanser. It has no issue at all lathering up on your face and a little goes a long way; about half of a whole pump is enough to cover my entire face. The fragrance is very chemical smelling to me and I really don’t approve of it. But this isn’t an organic product, so that’s obvious.

It does clean my face deeply with no residue and the beads do burst when I start washing my face. The cleanser also rinses off easily with a few splashes of warm water, so you should have no trouble getting this cleanser off your face. Plus, it does leave a nice tingle to your skin afterwards, so that’s decent!

However, this is where the drawback sets in. It does have a sulfate as the second ingredient and because of this, it will dry your face out somewhat. To combat this, I highly recommend moisturizing (or toning and then moisturizing) your face IMMEDIATELY after you rinse this cleanser off and pat dry your face. If not done, you might feel the tightening, drying effects instantly and that’s not something you want. I had this happen to me twice because I got distracted ad I now use my DIY face serum right after cleansing to lock in moisture.

I recommend this to teenagers who don’t know where to start with a new face routine and to people with combination to oily skin. I would not recommend this to people with mature skin and definitely not folks with dry skin. It’s a good cleanser to start with before you try something better.

That’s all I have for now! Got some errands to do, so see you in the next post!


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