Making Changes: Giving Your Hair the Vegan Diet

NOTE: This was not intended to shame any vegans or vegetarians out there. I admire your lifestyles greatly and wish you no ill will.

We all know that no hair types are the same. Everyone grew up knowing about the wide range of hair textures on the many heads of people in the world. Some grew up with thin, superfine strands that break with the slightest tension while others battled the thick, kinky zigzag tresses with chemicals and creams that would alter the strands’ structure.

Even more complex, think of the people who have multiple textures in their manes?!

Growing up, I didn’t know that much about my true hair texture because it was always either pressed with the aid of both the flat iron and hot comb *cringes* or a heavy duty relaxer was smoothed on and my hair would be super straight for weeks. On some occasions, it was both methods and my tiny self suffered in the hairdresser’s chair every time.

In 2012, I had enough of the torture and transitioned for 7 months before doing a big chop two days before Halloween. I have been wearing my kinky afro out ever since.

During the nearly three years that I’ve been natural (aside from changing my hair color), I’ve discovered holy grail products for my hair and products that would never touch my strands again. However, there were times when I would get frustrated because it didn’t seem like products were working or I felt like my hair wasn’t looking its best due to certain ingredients in the products.

So I decided to turn to using vegan hair products to care for my afro. It has worked well for me so far!


But what does this mean? Does it mean that I’m now a die-hard vegan? Does it mean that I shun the previous holy grail products I’ve used before in favor of the high end, expensive vegan products?

To answer these questions simply: NO.

I haven’t adopted a vegan lifestyle. I haven’t decided to shun eating meat and start experimenting with vegan recipes (though most of them looked very tasty). I also didn’t decide to become an avid animal rights activist, though I despise animal cruelty.

I’ve simply decided to put my hair on a bit of a vegan diet. I felt that most vegan hair products worked better on my hair and gave my hair the nutrients it needs to stay strong, moisturized and healthy. The hair length will come in time, but I’m not concerned about that now.

What am I trying to say? Well, you don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to use hair or skincare vegan products. Use whatever works the best for you and don’t feel forced to changed your lifestyle because of the products you chose!


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