Review | Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor

My Fall semester at college is over and Winter temperatures are starting to slowly creep in. It looks like it’s about that time to bundle up, stock up on hot chocolate and make sure my kinky afro is covered for the impending chilly weather!

Speaking of caring for my afro, this product review will be on a product designed for extensive haircare! It will be from a brand called Aphogee, a brand that specializes in repairing hair from chemical services or general haircare.

This is the Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor and it can be found at select Target stores or at Sally Beauty for about $7.29 – $8.99. You can also order it from the Aphogee website. It comes in a 8 oz or a 16 oz bottle.


There’s no extensive story as to why I picked this up; due to the coloring and the use of color removers to remove said color, I bought this so I can give my hair a bit of protein for strengthening. That’s all.

I’ve used it a few times on my co-wash days and general wash days and this stuff works very well! It’s somewhat thick, so you will have to squeeze the bottle a bit to get it out. It’s easy to spread with or without a bit of water, but I didn’t get much detangling effects with this stuff. That’s to be expected since this stuff is meant to strengthen the hair.

It says to leave on for two minutes or if your hair is extremely damaged, up to five minutes. I leave it on for usually four minutes and after rinsing, my hair is left somewhat soft. It’s also left stronger because while rinsing, I noticed very little hair in the sink! That’s pretty good considering how much color adding and color removing I do to my afro!

This is a great product for normal haircare or if you have damaged, fried hair and don’t have enough money to purchase an expensive, intensive protein treatment for your hair. The best part? You don’t have to spend money at a fancy salon to repair your hair; you can just head to your nearest beauty store to get this.

I might purchase this again in the future, but for now I’ll finish the bottle I’m currently using. Until next time readers and stay warm for the upcoming Christmas season!


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