Shea Moisture Has Done it Again!

It’s time to deliver some great news to you! Recently, I was browsing my usual Ulta Beauty store looking for two products to restock up on after I had already used them up. While I was searching for one product, I found this little gem nestled in-between the body lotions!


After seeing this, I suspected that Shea Moisture had came out with another line of products. I went searching around the store for proof of this. . .and guess what? I was 100% right! Check out the new Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry collection!

0105171102 0105171102c


It’s designed for stressed skin due to environmental and hormonal changes and for hair, it’s meant to give more volume. I will not really be using this collection because my skin isn’t really stressed; it’s just very dry. Plus, my hair sticks up on its own, so it doesn’t really need any volume (up-and-out hair growth, people!).

As a bonus, I also stopped at Sally Beauty to pick up some Jamaican Black Castor Oil and I spotted this new gem in the Manuka Honey/Mafura Oil line!


Now this is a product I will try in the future! How about you guys? Did you happen to see these products in any of your favorite stores? Tell me below!


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