Review | Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer

Spring Semester is underway and I’m already getting slammed with a bunch of work! But it’s nothing I can’t handle; as long as I manage my time and organize myself, I can get things done and still have time to engage in my favorite hobbies, such as blogging to you guys!

As usual, I have another product review for you and it will be on another one from Aphogee!

This is the Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer and it can be found at select Target stores and Sally Beauty. The price is between $7.29 – $9.99.


I picked this up along with the Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor to give my hair a bit of protein since I had a terrible experience with a color remover a long time ago. Plus, I still color my hair and I want my hair to be the healthiest it can be!

I’ve been using this every single wash day (even co-wash days) and I’m ready to give my opinion on it.

It’s a pretty decent product for my colored afro! A few sprays are all that’s needed to cover my hair since not much is needed. It does take a minute to work in though, but that’s probably because of my hair’s porosity. I can’t say much about the scent because I can’t really describe it well.

On the claims of it protecting color and strengthening instantly, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in allowing my color to last longer. But I did notice a bit of strength since not much hair comes out (except through normal shedding; you can’t really avoid that). I tend to see much more visible results with the Reconstructor, so for this product, I recommend paying close attention to hair to see actual results.

Well, unless your hair is relaxed or is so damaged that your hair keeps breaking off in large amounts.


I’m sure you’re wondering why there is a bright green spray bottle next to the empty product bottle. This leads into my negative point about this product. The spray on the bottle is, simply put, terrible for me because no matter how much I push it down, very little to no product comes out! It frustrated me on the first few tries and I decided to transfer the rest of the liquid into this green spray bottle that you see. Using the product has been much easier since then.

I recommend changing the packaging to a spray nozzle that’s similar to the green spray nozzle.

Well, that’s all I can say about this product. I’m on the fence about purchasing this again because, like I’ve stated earlier, I didn’t see many changes in my hair except a bit of strength. Otherwise, this product is good if you want to inject a bit of protein into your damaged strands for a very affordable price.

Until next time!


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