Review | Kiss My Face Coconut Milk Soap

Spring is in full swing and I’ve been relaxing for now while trying to decide what I want to do for the next few days. I do have a photo project that I need to work on, but I’ve made it a goal to slow down and relax for this season.

Well, at least for now until my dreaded 3-day shift over at the restaurant that I work at…

Anyway, to celebrate the season, I have a review on a product from one of my favorite brands: Kiss My Face!

This is the Pure Coconut Milk Bar Soap and it can be found at select Vitamin Shoppe stores. A single bar costs $3.79 plus tax while a pack of three bars costs around $5.99.

Aviary Photo_131350485267312024

I picked up a bar after finishing off the Pure Olive Oil Soap since I found out that Kiss My Face has a coconut soap bar. Plus, I have dry body skin so why not try it out?

As you can see from the photo, I’ve nearly used up the single bar and I can tell you that this bar is a pretty good bar. The fragrance is a crisp citrus scent that reminds me of lemons and oranges on a summer day and I happen to love citrus scents, so I was sold!

Aviary Photo_131350485814188839

This bar also lathered up much faster than the Pure Olive Oil Soap; all that’s needed is a bit of water and some rubbing of the soap between my hands. It cleans very well on my face and body and I definitely can feel the day’s grime washed off of me after using this.

That brings me to the cons on this soap. After several uses, I didn’t find this soap to be as moisturizing as it was advertised. My skin felt clean, but a little dried out after nearly every use. I think it’s due to the hard water that I have to work with, but this wasn’t as moisturizing as the olive oil version. Because of this, I recommend bathing or showering in warm water to try and get the full benefits of this soap.

In fact, I think this soap is the opposite “brother” of the other soap. The olive oil one moisturizes well, but doesn’t leave a squeaky clean feeling while this one cleans very well, but doesn’t really moisturize. It’s a little strange if you ask me. But then again, maybe it’s just me.

Despite the negative point, I still bought the pack of three because I’m just happy that it gets me clean like a soap bar should! I only found it at the Vitamin Shoppe, but I would love to hear where you may have found it.

Leave your thoughts below and enjoy the new season!


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