Review | Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner

Hello everyone! I’ve been chilling for the past weekend because of another cold that I caught a day AFTER recovering from a previous cold on Spring Break.

I’m not entirely sure what’s floating around in the air this season, but it’s forced me to be as clean as possible while limiting the many times I’m around others. No, this doesn’t mean that I quarantined myself and became a shut-in…

But I can whine about my colds later. This product review I have for you will be on another product from the wonderful Alikay Naturals!

This is the Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner and it can be found at select Target stores and Sally Beauty stores! It’s price is around $12.99 and on rare occasions, it can be found in a bigger 16 oz size for a much higher price.

Aviary Photo_131356120663679231

This was the second product from the line that I’ve tried simply because I wanted to see if it was as good as many other people have said in the numerous reviews. There’s nothing much that needs to be expanded here.

I’ve used this in two ways and I think this product is good! The fragrance is a wonderful sweet citrus scent that definitely smells like lemongrass! It’s quite delicious smelling!

This product is a little thick and it comes in a spray bottle, so you have to spray this on your wet or damp hair. Due to its viscosity, I like to mix some of it with some distilled water for my daily spray bottle, but I have sprayed the product directly onto my damp hair.

Both times, my hair was left not only smelling great, but feeling a little bit more moisturized than ever! I think that this product helps my hair retain a bit more moisture than before.

My only complaint is the spray bottle it comes packaged in. Sometimes the spray works and sometimes it doesn’t. Plus, like I said, the product is a little thick. This is why I mentioned earlier that I like to mix it with the water in my daily spray bottle. It makes it way easier to use, in my opinion. Maybe the product could be repackaged in a bottle with a cap or a pump to control how much you need…?

Anyway, I can definitely see myself trying this again! But only if it wasn’t so expensive. For now, I’ll have to put off the future repurchase until I get my finances and spending in order.

Have you used this before? Tell me below and I’ll see you in the next post!


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