Review | The Magic Soap Dish

Hello again! I have another review for you, but this time, it’s going to be a bit different. This will be on a product that is useful in your bathroom and doubles as home décor if it doesn’t work for you personally!

This nifty tool here is the Magic Soap Dish and it is not sold in stores. It can be ordered through its website for $6.99 plus tax and possibly shipping. All of the information about this product will be listed at the end of this post.

Magic Soap Dish

I was actually contacted through my email and through my YouTube channel by the product’s founder, Henry Pixley. He had been commenting on a few of my reviews and he was willing to let me try this out for a review. Long story short, I accepted, received the product in the mail and here we are!

I used this several times for my stash of bar soaps and each time I took a shower. This soap dish is pretty good! It’s aesthetically pleasing with its modern, sleek design. I also like the fact that it’s easy to clean; just rinse it out with some warm water and wipe gently to remove any traces of soap left over.

On the issue of it claiming to extend the life of your soap by 20% and to allow your soap to completely dry, I can definitely back up its claims! Whatever bar soap that I use with this comes out dry and ready for the next shower! Any water dripping from the soap can easily slide down to the bottom of the dish and the dish’s design allowed air the easily do its job in getting my lovely soap dry.

This is something I definitely recommend to all bar soap lovers or anyone looking for a sleek, modern soap dish design for their bathroom décor! Check it out for yourself; you may like it!

Website: (Coupon Code: JASMINE20 for 20% off order)

Facebook Page:

YouTube video:


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