Review | Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

Before I begin this review, I wanted to inform everyone that the Southeast is currently getting slammed by a band of thunderstorms that have been producing tornadoes. Both of my dogs are pressed up against me as I type this; they do NOT like thunderstorms.

Even as the storms are raging on, I will still deliver this review to you guys! It will be on a product from the brand Yes To!

This is the Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap and it can be found at Walmart for around $3.73 (might be more, but I don’t remember well).

Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Soap

I picked this up to give it a try since I have combination/oily facial skin. Not only did I use this on my face, but I tested it several times on my body.

It’s a rare moment where I would not praise a certain product for its effects on my face and body. With this product, this would have to be one of those rare cases. I’m sorry to say that this soap did not do so well on my skin. The scent is okay; it’s a bit of a fresh scent to me.

Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Soap Unwrapped

As for the lather, the bar bubbled up very well, but that’s where the positives end here. My face was left dried out and tight with a squeaky clean feel. This is not something I want because I would like a product that cleans my face well, but leaves it supple. This bar didn’t do that and I had to hurry and use my toner and facial moisturizer to get it back in shape.

On my body, the soap did somewhat worse. I already have dry body skin and it was dried out even more after use of this soap. Plus, I was left with some soap scum on my skin, but that was probably due to the hard water.

Overall, I would not try this soap again. I still have the rest of it but I’m considering throwing it in the trash. Or using it on one of my dogs. Or something…

That’s all I have to say about the soap! Until next time and stay safe from the storms, everyone!


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