Review | The Coffee Scrub: Organic Rose

Hello! So after I took some time to write to myself and try to get some sleep, I realized that I had so many products to review for all of you!

I mean, it’s not like I’ve completely forgotten about these products. I’ve just been very busy with work from my Summer Term classes. But the good news is that this review will be on another wonderful scrub for your face and body!

Plus, I think you coffee lovers will like this one!

So let’s get right into it! This is the Organic Rose Scrub from The Coffee Scrub and it can be purchased from the company’s website for around $19.97, but there’s a $5 off sale going on now. There’s also a Coconut Scrub and a French Vanilla Scrub if you want to try those instead.


I got this as a free gift from Olivia, the owner and founder of The Coffee Scrub! She contacted me via email and wanted me to be the first out of the many to try out this scrub! Of course I accepted the offer in exchange for my honest opinion on it!

So I used it for a while and I’m still using it now at least twice a week. If you have not tried this scrub, you are missing out on a wonderful treat for your skin! This is a fantastic scrub and this is coming from someone that’s particularly picky about scrubs in general!


For starters, you get a LOT for your money. The bag was nearly filled to the top when I opened it and I was surprised. With previous scrubs, there would only be a small amount near the bottom of the bag. Not with this one!

Allow me to tap into my inner writer when it comes to the fragrance and texture. Ahem…

Imagine yourself using your favorite coffee grinder to grind up a scoop of your favorite Arabica coffee beans. The aroma of fresh, dark roasted coffee fills your nose and lungs as you dip your fingers in and rub the gritty coffee in-between your fingers. You smile as you realize the texture is perfect for your morning cup of joe.

That’s how I would describe the texture and fragrance. It’s like rubbing actual coffee on your skin! I have no problems with it and the scrub is the perfect balance of not too rough, but not too gentle.

As for the effects, I can’t say enough about how soft and smooth this scrub makes my skin feel! My legs, abdomen and bikini area feel amazing with no irritation whatsoever. On my face, it evens my skin out and gives me a refreshed, energized look and I feel ready to tackle the day!

My only complaint would be that since there’s no sugar or salt in the scrub, it may be difficult to rinse off completely. I suggest using warm water to help with the rinsing and make sure to rinse off your shower stall or tub when you’re done.

Please try this scrub! It’s great for all skin types, it’s vegan and cruelty-free and coffee lovers can rejoice! I’ll finish up the bag I have now and will definitely try the Coconut one next!


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