Fighting the Product Junkie with DIY Beauty!

Hello, everyone! So I recently did an evaluation of my beauty stash after I cleaned up my room and re-organized what little things I had. After tossing some near empty bottles in the recycling bin and surveying my remaining products, I realized two things.

One, this is the first time in a while that my product stash has been small since I’m a recovering product junkie. That’s pretty awesome!

Two, with all of the products I’ve used and reviewed over the days and months, I realized that most of these products have ingredients that I already have in my “pantry” (a.k.a. a small tote bag in my closet). I could make my own products with my own hands and I haven’t been doing that lately!

So why not tap into my inner mixtress and start now? Besides, that means I get to share more recipes with you!

After whipping up some recipes and trying out a few products, here are my five homemade beauty products below! They’ve also replaced products that may serve as single-use products (meaning I only use for a specific part of my body and nothing else).

DIY Homemade Beauty

All-Purpose Balm: I use this balm for my lips, hair, the cracked heels of my tiny feet and the rough cuticles of my nails. It’s moisturizing and it works very well in my favor!

Multi-Purpose Oil: My oil blend is used as a pre-shave oil, a bath oil, a body oil on my body’s driest areas and on some occasions a hair oil for sealing in moisture.

Face Toner: I’ve already shared my recipe for this; you can find it here. As mentioned before, this has been the best toner for my face and neck! It keeps both areas smooth, even and zit-free!

Facial Serum: My recipe has been made to fit my skin’s needs and it has replaced any store-bought moisturizer I might be tempted to buy! The recipe is here, but I’ve omitted the JBCO and used grapeseed oil instead with the jojoba oil and apricot oil.

Deodorant Balm: My homemade deodorant is a thick paste that has done its job in preventing me from smelling bad for a couple of hours! It’s one of the first DIY products I’ve made and I’ve been using it for years with success.

Hint: These DIY products featured here will be the subject of a future post about a challenge/lifestyle I’ll be turning to, so stay tuned for that.

What products have you started making yourself to replace ones you used to purchase? Tell me below!


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