My Progress on My Minimalist Beauty Routine for the Year

As the month of January is nearing its end, I’ve been making small changes here and there to improve my life and simplify my routines. It hasn’t been easy due to me still fighting my inner “Product Junkie,” but with plenty of inspiration and encouragement from others on Instagram, I’m getting there!

So this morning I decided to go through my dresser and take another look at all of the products I have in my stash. I didn’t have much since I last checked over Christmas, but I wanted to reduce my stash even more since I’ll be making more changes to my hair routine.

Before I move on, I’ll get you up to speed with a bit of background information.

One of my goals for 2018 was to get my hair to the best level of health that it could get to. I decided to stop coloring, bleaching and processing my hair for an ENTIRE YEAR (gasp!) so I could see how fast my hair could grow, what more could I do with it and so on.

With all of this in mind, I’ve thrown out my current shampoo (Shampoo?! But why?), hair grease and opted to cleanse my scalp with Apple Cider Vinegar instead for an entire month. As mentioned before, it won’t be easy, but I really want to do this!

As for my skin, I adore multi-purpose products and what better way to cleanse myself from head to toe (with the exception of my hair) than with Desert Essence’s Castile Liquid Soap? I also found the Everyday Lotion that works for the face, body, and hands so that was a bonus!

Multipurpose Products

Now there’s still the trouble of reducing plastic and having these items packaged in reusable glass bottles or such, but I’m not perfect. I don’t plan to be entirely zero waste. But I’m aware of the amount of trash I put out and I’m actively reducing that, so if the products I’m using still come in plastic bottles, that’s okay.

What changes are you making to simplify your life? Share with me below!


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